True Grist:
Buckwheat Flour and Cornmeal Recipes

Bookshelf Edition
by Patricia B. Mitchell

True Grist

A practical guide to the use of buckwheat flour and cornmeal, and a handy collection of recipes utilizing cornmeal and buckwheat. First published as a Compact Edition in 1988, and revised in 1989 and 1992; this Bookshelf Edition published 2018. 52 recipes; 13 research notes; 113 pages including index. ISBN-13:978-1983693373.

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About the Book

Food history factoids and tasty cornmeal recipes like “Mary Mitchell's Spoon Bread,” “Apple Corn Bread,” “Country Sunshine Cornmeal Loaves,” and “Quicky Cornmeal Pizza Crust” will please the intellect and the appetite. And as buckwheat enthusiasts know, not many buckwheat recipes are found in “recipe land,” so those in True Grist are especially welcome. “The Best Brawny Banana Buckwheat Bread” and “Little Rascal Buckwheat Muffins” are just two of the hearty and flavorful buckwheat offerings in True Grist.

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True Grist is also available in a Compact Edition, which has a Kindle eBook version.