Cooking in Young America 1780-1850
by Patricia B. Mitchell

Cooking in the Young Republic

Anecdotes and recipes illustrate the beginnings of American-style cooking, simultaneous with the birth of American-style self-government. Published 1992. 36 authentic and commemorative recipes, 102 research notes, 36 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover, saddle-stitched. ISBN-10: 0-925117-57-9. ISBN-13: 978-0-925117-57-1.

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About the Book

The time period of 1780-1850 is often overlooked in social histories, people seemingly preferring to focus on the drama of the American Revolution or the Civil War. However, in Cooking in Young America, Patricia B. Mitchell presents a concise overview of the culinary habits of citizens of the young United States.

As might be expected, Thomas Jefferson's interest in food and wine is discussed. Dolly Madison's exuberant personality and abundant table are also featured, and Rachel Donelson Jackson is described and quoted.

Recipes from the time period are given, and also commemorative recipes. (Also see That Palace in Washington.)

Try “Lafayette Ginger Bread,” “Cliveden Waffles,” “Dolley's Ice Cream,” and “Opossum” (!) to get a taste of the past.

This book was titled Cooking in the Young Republic: 1780-1850 through its first thirteen printings.

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