Blue Willow Makers?

Patricia and David Mitchell with modern and antique Willow

Patricia Mitchell and son David Mitchell show examples of the family's Blue Willow, used both for everyday and special occasions.

Blue Willow (see history and lore and overall Blue Willow index), first made in England over 200 years ago, is said to be “America's favorite patterned ware.”

If it is so popular, who manufactures it? At times the pattern seems difficult to find from local retail sources, and now is one of those difficult times. In 2008, we found seven different firms with currently-available stock. In 2010, only two firms' willow ware are widely available, and there are indications from those companies' websites that they, too, are discontinuing their willow patterns.

Check here to see present availability:

Obviously, there are many other retail sources. The above links are provided for convenience in getting a quick overview of the selections available. and eBay abound with used and antique examples, as well as new items.

To aid in further hunting for available Blue Willow china made by a large number of manufacturers of the present and (especially) past, we have compiled an extensive listing (far beyond the above two!), showing both active and inactive Blue Willow manufacturers. In that listing, click on the and eBay links for each manufacturer to see what is offered at this moment. At a given time, listings for some makers are extensive; others are blank; either can change momentarily.

If you are aware of other active manufacturers, please drop me a line by e-mail or by letter. Thank you!

Patricia Mitchell
P. O. Box 429
Chatham VA 24531-0429

Note: Lost since our 2008 survey are are Spode (originators of the pattern), Wedgwood Group's Adams China, Wood and Sons, Royal Cutherbertson, and Japan China.