The Cooking of Spain and Portugal

From the Time-Life Foods of the World Series

The Cooking of Spain and Portugal (Time-Life: Foods of the World)

Time/Life Foods of the World Series (1969). 208pp. including index. 8.75 x 11 inches. Hardcover, originally boxed with spiral-bound accompanying recipe collection.

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From the Introduction

By Peter S. Feibleman, Editor.

…Lovers of Iberian cooking for some reason behave as if heir love were at least illicit, possibly illegal and certianly immoral. We cannot tell you exactly why we have fallen in love with it — we would simply rather not eat anything else as a steady diet. We do not go into our reasons for liking it any more than a bachelor would talk about his lifelong istress; it is too private a subject, and nobody who did not share the love would understand anyway. So we will not usually say why we love it; we just do. this book is an attempt to say why.

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