Three's a Crowd

By Patricia B. Mitchell

Dandylion and Sassyfras

We have two new additions: Sassyfras and Dandylion. Yes, I know the words are normally spelled “sassafras” and “dandelion,” but our name choices stand as written. Our twenty-year-old cat who died around Eastertime was Honeysucker, AKA “Boy.” As you see, we like names that are somewhat food-related. Our great big older white cat is Marshmellow. Our blue parakeet is Cornflower; his beautiful yellow predecessor was Sunflower. Until recently our daughter Sarah had a guinea pig named Sugar, and before that she had a kitty named Truffles. — You get the idea.)

Sassy and Dandy are as much fun as a barrel of kittens. Sassy is remarkable-looking with her racoon eyes. Dandy is a cuddlesome cat. They and Marshmellow have formed something of an alliance, although there is certainly some (good-natured?) fighting. We'll show you more pictures of Dandy and Sassy as they grow.

We were looking for a blue-eyed, white kitten, and considered several pricey purebred possibilities, but these babies were free. They were so cute we ended up with two instead of the one kitten we had planned. The original litter had three yellows and three calicos. I wish we could have taken the whole bunch, but that didn't seem practical. Sassy and Dandy create enough action all by themselves!