A Momentous Restaurant Experience

Anthony's Pizza & Pan Pasta
Surfside Center, Corner of US-17 Bypass and Glenns Bay Road
Surfside Beach, South Carolina

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2006.


Last month my family and I ate at Anthony's (see map) in Surfside Beach to celebrate having bought half a duplex in Myrtle Beach. This month we took our two sons, who had never seen the duplex, and our daughter down to our new getaway. We wound up at Anthony's again in search of comfort food after having had a wreck near Conway. At least we were able to celebrate being alive! (A 95-year-old collard green peddler had come barreling out of a side road and creamed our van….)

When we arrived at Anthony's in a just-rented van, what we needed was a calm dining experience. Anthony's comfortable booths, pleasant lighting and decor, and over-all relaxed ambience helped to sooth our jangled nerves and bruised bodies. Our waitress was efficient and helpful.

Four of us opted for the $2.95 house salads. Three of us had the blue cheese dressing; our daughter Sarah selected the house Italian dressing. No crackers or bread are offered with the salad course, although there are rather hard, fried (?) croutons on the salad itself. I, personally, would much prefer some good bread or even just crackers. Nevertheless, the salad veggies were nice enough, as were the dressings.

Henry, Sarah, and I ordered the small (6 slices) Marinated Chicken Pizza ($9.95), described as “Sautéed Breast of Chicken, and sweet red onions, covered with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.” It was well-made, though a few areas of the crust were over-baked. The cook put an adequate amount of chicken and onions on the pizza. The tomato sauce was low-key in flavor, but pleasant.

Our son David got the 6-inch Chicken Parmesan Sub ($6.25). It was described as “Chicken breast covered with marinara sauce, Parmesan & melted mozarella cheese.”

Our son Jonathan, who had eaten with us at Anthony's before, thought that the bread on his mild Italian Sausage Parmesan sub was much better than last time. It was well-risen and properly light.

Unlimited refills are another advantage of Anthony's. All in all, we felt that Anthony's was probably about right for us that night. It sure beat hospital food. — And we weren't ready to try “heavenly” food!


House salad.


Marinated Chicken Pizza.


Chicken Parmesan Sub.