Not the Whopper We Remember

Burger King, 542 West Hamlet Ave., Hamlet, NC

By Patricia B. Mitchell, 2007.

Neither my husband Henry nor I had had a Burger King Whopper in a good while. Henry ordered one at the Burger King in Hamlet, NC. He said that the meat on this Whopper was not at all like the Whopper we remember — thick, moist, juicy beef. Rather, this hamburger was thin and dry.

Sarah got the Whopper Jr. Both Whoppers had lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, and ketchup on them.

Sarah drank a Chocolate Milk Shake which was “very good, not very chemical-ish tasting.”

My Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich was okay, although the chicken was so tender that it had no texture or “body” — strange poultry.

We all had side salads made up of iceburg lettuce, tomato, and baby carrots. The salads were quite small and cost $1.00 each — a little overpriced, we thought, for the size, and for a fast food place. In other words, Wendy's salads are much better for about the same price.




Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich.


Whopper Jr.




Chocolate Milk Shake.