French Cooking in Early America
Bookshelf Edition
by Patricia B. Mitchell

French Cooking in Early America: Patricia B. Mitchell

Influences of early French settlers on American cooking. Brief review of French cuisine in the 1500s and 1600s, and numerous accounts of adaptations to the New World. First published as a Compact Edition in 1991; this Bookshelf Edition (standard paperback with index) published 2019. 21 authentic and commemorative recipes, 113 research notes, 117 numbered pages including index. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. ISBN-13: 978-1986831727.

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About the Book

Possibly the best brief history of the foodways of early French settlers in America, French Cooking in Early America, by Patricia B. Mitchell, utilizes primary source materials to explain the dietary habits and cooking techniques of Gallic immigrants. Generous endnotes detail sources of information for scholars, and actual old recipes and modernized recipes illustrate principles discussed in the text. Quotations from the time period help the reader feel connected to these early colonists.

Huguenots, Cajuns, Creoles, French Canadians, and others with French ancestry, plus all who appreciate food of merit will want to try such dishes as “Pain Perdu,” “Chicken-Andouille Gumbo,” and “French Biscuits.”

French Cooking in Early America is also available in a Compact Edition, which has a Kindle eBook version {Amazon Ad].

French Cooking in Early America is also available in French translation La Cuisine Française des Premières Années de l'Amérique du Nord Bookshelf Edition, Compact Edition, and as the Compact Edition's Kindle eBook version [Amazon Ad].

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