Colonial Spices and Herbs
Bookshelf Edition
by Patricia B. Mitchell

Colonial Spices and Herbs

Descriptions and typical usages of 23 of colonial America's most common spices and herbs. Brief descriptions of the cultivation requirements of the herbs. This Bookshelf Edition (standard paperback with index) first published 2019; originally published as a Compact Edition in 1997. Contains 137 numbered pages, including a thorough index; 226 research notes; 16 historical recipes. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. ISBN-13: 978-1718756854.

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About the Book

If practicing domesticity well, the Colonial woman could not fail to know and grow herbs. The family depended upon herbs for medicine, food, and for a pleasant touch of beauty and fragrance. The American colonial wife did not cultivate spices, since they thrive in tropical climes, but she certainly enjoyed utilizing those exotic spices in her kitchen and home. Patricia B. Mitchell discusses the uses to which milady put these plants in Colonial Spices and Herbs, a book full of fascinating information, quotations, and descriptions. Especially helpful is the explanation of ancient herbals, “humors,” and the “Doctrine of Signatures.” Anyone planning an historic herb garden needs this book. (And it makes good reading even if you wish to be an armchair gardener.)

Colonial Spices and Herbs is also available in a Compact Edition, which has an Amazon Kindle eBook version (Ad).

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