To Obtain Autographs for
Patricia Mitchell's Inkling Series Books

Patricia Mitchell's Inkling Series Books

If you own un-autographed examples of Patricia Mitchell's Inkling Series books, you may send them to us according to the following price schedule, and Patricia will happily autograph them and return them to you:

Ship your books to us at this address:

P. O. Box 429 (U.S. Postal Service)
242 Whittle Street SW (FedEx or UPS)
Chatham VA 24531

Provide us with your name, shipping address, telephone number, and the titles and quantities of books. Send the books to us by a means that provides tracking, delivery verification, and insurance if desired.


Send personal check or money order (make payable to “Mitchells”), or authorize payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover: provide us with your name as shown on your card, your authorizing signature, your card number and expiration date, and your billing address.

Background Information

Well over three quarters of a million copies of Patricia Mitchell's Inkling Series and Keeping Room Series books have been sold. The earliest examples date back to 1986. Most of those books are, of course, unsigned by the author. We are gratified that many collectors of the books eventually seek to have their entire collection autographed. Also, resale of the books sometimes results in startlingly high prices, especially for signed copies of earlier editions and printings. We are happy to see the collectible market of Patricia's books flourish. As a result of frequent requests for autographs of older editions, we have established the above guidelines to expedite the rather time-consuming process of receiving, autographing, and re-shipping books. Thank you for your patronage and enthusiasm!